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  • Beskrivelse: The team at Bridesire was accommodating when choosing my eveningwear; they provided lots of advice about fabrics, which helped me make up my mind quickly without feeling pressured into making any rash decisions.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 5998
    Ved: chiara

  • Beskrivelse: I am so happy I went with this choice. I looked great in the photos, and the compliments were endless. I was comfortable in the dress, and I did not worry about the sleeves slipping off.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6152
    Ved: Malin

  • Beskrivelse: The list of things I love about this dress is endless. I love the vibrant color, the material that drapes just right on my skin and the beautiful beadwork. This gorgeous dress is perfect to wear to a wedding
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6149
    Ved: Jariya

  • Beskrivelse: I was looking for a comfortable dress, not too long, tight, and just the right color to match my skin tone. I am glad I stumbled into Bridesire. This dress was perfect, and I admit, I felt sexy in it.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6147
    Ved: Bodo

  • Beskrivelse: I might be a little biased because I am in the wedding dress section, but these gowns are so elegant and beautiful. They come with all of the details that you could hope for - from lace to different necklines.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 5994
    Ved: Daisy

  • Beskrivelse: I found my dream wedding gown on Bridesire! It's exactly what I wanted and more! It fits perfectly & only took a week to get here! Thank you so much. This site has been life-changing for me.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 5997
    Ved: Shannel

  • Beskrivelse: I love that the sleeves look different, and the length is perfect when I am in heels. The bust region was a little too large, but I got it modified. The waist was excellent, and the color was just gorgeous.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6151
    Ved: Inga

  • Beskrivelse: I like when sites are upfront about their shipping and return policies. I'm glad this site has that on the front page, making it easy for us instead of having to search for it all over.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 5995
    Ved: Gabriela

  • Beskrivelse: Stunning. The lace detailing is just the right mix of delicate and sophisticated without being too bold or flashy. It's classy!
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 5996
    Ved: raven

  • Beskrivelse: When heading out to our vocal recitals, I was looking for a comfortable dress long enough for my size. When shopping, I tried Bridesire, a recommendation from a friend, and I got the dress in two days. I am happy with it.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6148
    Ved: Merve

  • Beskrivelse: Jeg købte denne kjole til mit bryllup i juni, og jeg elskede alt ved den. Taljens pasform var perfekt, og selvom jeg skulle justere bryststørrelsen, var det let. Materialet var det bedste, og farven, bare perfekt.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6405
    Ved: mike

  • Beskrivelse: I bought this dress when shopping for clothes online for the first time. So I was a little skeptical. I got it in a larger size, but the customer service was friendly and exchanged it for me with no hassle when I asked for an exchange.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6150
    Ved: Melissa

  • Beskrivelse: I hate ironing clothes or wearing wrinkled dresses. So, when a friend recommended Bridesire, I tried them out, and they did not disappoint. The material is soft and lightweight, just how I love my dresses.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-09-2021
    ID: 6153
    Ved: Antonio

  • Beskrivelse: The photos are not enough to describe this dress. The color and design are unique, and I fell in love with it once I unwrapped it. This elegant long gown covers my feet but leaves a flattering effect, which I love.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 6141
    Ved: Adriana

  • Beskrivelse: This green gown from their collection might be one of my favorite dresses ever. The color isn't too dark or too light, which makes it great for any occasion.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 5991
    Ved: Anna

  • Beskrivelse: I ordered this dress in preparation for my goddaughter's wedding. The color was excellent, and the material was high quality. It also hid my tummy, which I appreciate while flattering all my good parts.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 6140
    Ved: Sheryl

  • Beskrivelse: I have a hard time finding a lovely dress online, and one I can wear with a regular bra at that. Upon stumbling Bridesire, I decided to try them, and I was not disappointed. The color was gorgeous, and it was perfect
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 6142
    Ved: Anne

  • Beskrivelse: I bought this dress to attend my sister's engagement party. It was comfortable, especially since I could wear my favorite bra and around the waist too. The color and the fabric were terrific. It was enjoyable to wear.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 6144
    Ved: Jennifer

  • Beskrivelse: It's been hard to find a dress that fits OK here, but luckily they carry many sizes! Their return policy makes online shopping so much more convenient!
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 5992
    Ved: SUSAN

  • Beskrivelse: Dette er ikke min første gang på Bridesire, og hver gang jeg kommer tilbage, bliver jeg aldrig skuffet. Denne gang fik jeg en aftenkjole til min vens fest. Størrelse, farve, materiale og snit blev alle udført perfekt.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 6404
    Ved: Paola

  • Beskrivelse: The dress is stunning and without a doubt the perfect choice for my sister's upcoming wedding. It was made of high-quality fabric that draped nicely and even came with a matching shawl!
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 5988
    Ved: julianne

  • Beskrivelse: I loved this dress because it's such an elegant style, yet it has some fun details on the sleeves. It also made my chest look amazing, which is always nice when you need a flattering cut!
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 5990
    Ved: karen

  • Beskrivelse: The color is beautiful, and the material is high quality. The dress was tailored perfectly and cut well around the zipper. I loved the style, the perfect fit and that I got so many compliments too.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 6139
    Ved: Danielle

  • Beskrivelse: The regular size ran a little too long for me. So, I changed it to a petite size, and it was perfect. The gown flattered all my good parts and covered all the features I wanted to be covered. I cannot finish praising this dress today.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 6146
    Ved: Lynn

  • Beskrivelse: I kept trying dresses on at department stores but couldn't find anything that felt right until I found one here at Bridesire. They had many styles and sizes, so I was able to find the perfect prom dress for me that fit!
    Dato tilføjet: 25-09-2021
    ID: 5989
    Ved: Larissa

Visning 1 til 25 (af 4617 anmeldelser)
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