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  • Beskrivelse: I was a little nervous to order from Bridesire at first because I wasn't sure about the quality of their products despite them being so cheap. However, it looked just as good or better than pictures in fashion magazines.
    Dato tilføjet: 03-12-2021
    ID: 6522
    Ved: Alexis

  • Beskrivelse: I was blown away by this dress. The quality is terrific, and you won't see any flaws in them when they arrive at your door.
    Dato tilføjet: 02-12-2021
    ID: 6521
    Ved: robin

  • Beskrivelse: I love the dresses at Bridesire. I've gotten so many compliments on every single one. If you're looking for an evening gown that will make you feel like a million bucks, look no further!
    Dato tilføjet: 01-12-2021
    ID: 6520
    Ved: fjolla

  • Beskrivelse: I received this prom dress as a gift from my sister, who told me she ordered hers through Bridesire. It's perfect in every way; the cut is flattering but not revealing, making it appropriate for any event.
    Dato tilføjet: 30-11-2021
    ID: 6519
    Ved: Alice

  • Beskrivelse: The fabric is so soft and drapes nicely over my curves. I love the high neckline, too, because it's modest but still shows off some skin to keep things interesting!
    Dato tilføjet: 29-11-2021
    ID: 6518
    Ved: Eugen

  • Beskrivelse: This dress is perfect for me! It's light enough to be worn during hot weather but also has some flirty details like ruffles, which add a little more style for wedding occasions.
    Dato tilføjet: 28-11-2021
    ID: 6516
    Ved: Laura

  • Beskrivelse: I'm so happy with this purchase! The dress is perfect for my summer wedding, and I received it right on time.
    Dato tilføjet: 28-11-2021
    ID: 6517
    Ved: Carol

  • Beskrivelse: My mom is really picky about what she wears, but she loves this dress so much! She said she got tons of compliments on it at the wedding, and that's all I needed to hear because now it's my turn.
    Dato tilføjet: 27-11-2021
    ID: 6515
    Ved: deborah

  • Beskrivelse: I just got engaged, and I am shopping for the perfect gown! My friend recommended Bridesire to me because of their great prices, excellent quality, and quick delivery times. I am glad that I took my friend’s advice.
    Dato tilføjet: 27-11-2021
    ID: 6514
    Ved: Neele

  • Beskrivelse: The fabric is soft and stretchy, which makes for a very flattering fit. I love that there is a built-in bra too! The price was reasonable as well, which made me happy because it's my new favorite dress.
    Dato tilføjet: 26-11-2021
    ID: 6513
    Ved: Lina

  • Beskrivelse: I wanted to look pretty in the summer, so I bought this dress from Bridesire. It's comfortable and casual but still looks great.
    Dato tilføjet: 25-11-2021
    ID: 6512
    Ved: amber

  • Beskrivelse: I'm so excited about my first day of work at this new company, but I have no idea what to wear! My sister told me she found her dress from Bridesire. It was perfect for being professional yet flirty, so I went with it!
    Dato tilføjet: 25-11-2021
    ID: 6511
    Ved: Nicole

  • Beskrivelse: Every detail of this dress is incredible. I love the beaded sweetheart neckline and the tulle skirt that has a fun twist to it.
    Dato tilføjet: 24-11-2021
    ID: 6510
    Ved: Denise

  • Beskrivelse: I asked my husband for this gown as a wedding gift, and I was so happy when he gave it to me! It's perfect in every way, from the neckline cut down into the lace bodice that hugs my curves perfectly.
    Dato tilføjet: 23-11-2021
    ID: 6509
    Ved: Heather

  • Beskrivelse: I purchased this gown for my friend's wedding after she saw mine from Bridesire. She loved my look so much that we decided to buy a similar dress.
    Dato tilføjet: 22-11-2021
    ID: 6508
    Ved: Carina

  • Beskrivelse: I love how beautifully made the dress is, and it fits me perfectly as well, which makes it even more special because Bridesire has paid attention to every detail of this gown right from its design till it was shipped out.
    Dato tilføjet: 21-11-2021
    ID: 6506
    Ved: Magdalena

  • Beskrivelse: The fabric is pretty, and it flows beautifully when I walk. The design of the dress allows me to be unique with my style on prom night while still being a classic beauty.
    Dato tilføjet: 21-11-2021
    ID: 6507
    Ved: Tracy

  • Beskrivelse: Bridesire has made me a fan of their website. The dress I ordered was perfect. There were no surprises when it arrived, which was much earlier than I expected!
    Dato tilføjet: 20-11-2021
    ID: 6505
    Ved: Debbie

  • Beskrivelse: The sizing chart they provide is extremely helpful as well. I would definitely recommend Bridesire to others!
    Dato tilføjet: 19-11-2021
    ID: 6503
    Ved: Tamara

  • Beskrivelse: I am so happy with my purchase from this website! The dress was every bit as beautiful in real life as it looked on the site and made of high-quality fabric too.
    Dato tilføjet: 19-11-2021
    ID: 6504
    Ved: Sylinthia

  • Beskrivelse: I am very impressed with their services and products; everything is up to the mark. Their dresses are incredibly high quality, and it makes sense to pay a little extra for them as you get great value in return.
    Dato tilføjet: 18-11-2021
    ID: 6502
    Ved: Elin

  • Beskrivelse: High-quality products with a large variety of selections make me want to keep going back again and again whenever I need something new & special to wear.
    Dato tilføjet: 17-11-2021
    ID: 6501
    Ved: Federica

  • Beskrivelse: Bridesire has been my favorite online store ever since I learned about them years ago because everything they sell is high quality and absolutely gorgeous!
    Dato tilføjet: 16-11-2021
    ID: 6500
    Ved: Wanda

  • Beskrivelse: There's a variety of dresses on this website, from wedding gowns to prom attire, and each one of them looks stunning. No matter what time of year it is, Bridesire always has a great selection to choose from.
    Dato tilføjet: 15-11-2021
    ID: 6499
    Ved: Maria

  • Beskrivelse: The quality of each dress looks amazing and exactly like what was shown online. If anything ever goes wrong, their customer service team will help out immediately without hesitation.
    Dato tilføjet: 14-11-2021
    ID: 6498
    Ved: Valdete

Visning 1 til 25 (af 5016 anmeldelser)
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